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Tests from an arranged/organized Test Set completely lose their order in the Test Plan when added from their Test Set



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      • While this is not necessarily a UI or functional bug, it is a usability issue that practically renders Test Plans useless since there is no way we can possible have any Tests organized in it and this needs to be noted
        • Even if you painstakingly organize all of these Tests in a Test Set, when you add them to the Test Plan, they get completely unorganized and are by default listed in issue key order. So what was the point of organizing them in a Test Set at all? If we create 1+ Test Executions from a Test Plan (one TE for each individual OS + Baseline environment listed in the Test Plan), then we'd have to redundantly re-organize each of those Tests in each of the Test Executions!

      Use Case (also used in XRAY-1185):

      • I have a whole lot of Tests for a product covering everything from Installation, to UI, to all capability functional tests
      • With each subsequent product delivery, I'll need to execute all of these Tests again to ensure that no new defects have been introduced with the current delivery's code additions/modifications.
        • Therefore, I want each delivery to start off with my Installation Tests, followed by my UI tests, followed by my Functional tests, and lastly my Security tests (and I may or may not have these organized into Test Sets already)
      • If I add all of these Tests to a Test Plan without using a Test Set, they are all unorganized with no way to organize them before one or more Test Executions are created from them and you'd have to sort them at that time (and in the same way for all similar TEs running for different environments)
      • If I add all of these through a Test Set which I have already organized, they still will not get added to the Test Plan in an order I had already set up, as they'll only come in and be sorted by the default of issue key. If that wasn't the case, then there could also be other Tests already in the Test Plan where any new Test additions merely get added to the 'top' of the list
      • All in all, it seems very hard to have a Test Plan that's an actual, organized plan from start to finish. Say that I clone my last delivery's Test Plan for my next delivery (as again, I still need to regression test everything), if there is a new feature that I created a new Test for and I add it to this cloned Test Plan, it'll show up at the 'top' even if I had it previously organized (solely thanks to a Test Set) in a logical order with Installation being at the top / first so that I can create a Test Execution from this plan and run with it




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