Release Notes - Xporter for Jira - Version Release 3.4.0 - HTML format


  • [XPORTER-234] - Warning message written in log each time " Back to Issue Navigator " button is pressed
  • [XPORTER-241] - When a bulk Export is cancelled, the related thread remains running in background.
  • [XPORTER-295] - Xporter template hyperlink problem
  • [XPORTER-381] - name of Xporter file attached to issue via workflow transition
  • [XPORTER-392] - Iteration &{for issues} &{end} not working when used in single issue export
  • [XPORTER-395] - While using a displayname for userpicker field in SubTask it doesnt work
  • [XPORTER-396] - Getting NullPointerException when the template contains fields that doesn't have the current issue project in its Available Context
  • [XPORTER-425] - Problem with License status label for Atlassian Marketplace Commercial Licenses
  • [XPORTER-448] - Error while exporting a comment that contains "$" symbol in its content
  • [XPORTER-461] - In an Iteration, if an field have the content "filter" it will produce an empty document


  • [XPORTER-19] - As a user I can display information about past transitions
  • [XPORTER-294] - Ability to export execution result for an Xray Test Execution
  • [XPORTER-320] - As a user, I am able to iterate over Attachments and export metadata using Xporter Templates
  • [XPORTER-323] - As a User, I can use the funtion set to create and/or change variables values
  • [XPORTER-350] - As a User, I can iterate over Images and get metadata
  • [XPORTER-366] - As a User, I can define which name I want use on the file that will be attached on the current issue
  • [XPORTER-382] - As a user, I can iterate over Issue Components.
  • [XPORTER-397] - As a user, I have a mapping function that allows me to map a user picker custom field to the display email


  • [XPORTER-235] - Move/copy the export functionality to the JIRA native export drop-down.
  • [XPORTER-324] - The field ${Components} should contain a comma as separation character
  • [XPORTER-407] - Sucess message displayed when trying to add a Xpand license with an Atlassian already installed
  • [XPORTER-409] - An warning message should be placed near to "Include Attachments" in global settings page, indicating that performance could be compromised
  • [XPORTER-427] - Allow the use of javascript as a field in order to be possible applying the html/wiki function in it

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