Release Notes - Xporter for Jira - Version Release 3.2.0 - HTML format


  • [XPORTER-193] - Styles are being changed in DOCX Export when using bulk export
  • [XPORTER-225] - Xporter Filter Results does not works with saved filters
  • [XPORTER-236] - Custom field translations does not working as expected.
  • [XPORTER-238] - When using RTF Templates and the output format is Word(DOCX), the result DOCX file is empty.
  • [XPORTER-239] - Templates List in Xporter Selector isn't respecting the Xporter permissions scheme
  • [XPORTER-240] - After the fix Xporter-210 Support for wiki markup stopped working
  • [XPORTER-247] - Custom fields in Links are not resolved
  • [XPORTER-250] - Exception while exporting Description to Wiki Markup
  • [XPORTER-254] - Error while exporting a document when the template specify an inexistente custom field
  • [XPORTER-256] - The Worklogs[Last].Comment is not being applied when there are no comments in the issue
  • [XPORTER-257] - Problem while exporting Table Grid Custom Fields


  • [XPORTER-65] - As a user, I can invoke the issue export Servlet passing as argument a JQL Statement


  • [XPORTER-184] - Move the "Export Filter Results" to the Export Dropdown
  • [XPORTER-243] - On Issue Navigator Screen, rename the Export Entry "Exporter Filter Results" to "Xporter for JIRA"
  • [XPORTER-249] - Improvement to the "Export for JIRA" action performance

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