Release Notes - Xporter for Jira - Version Release 3.3.0 - HTML format


  • [XPORTER-246] - Translation of native fields is not working
  • [XPORTER-270] - Problem in javascript templates with shift+enter lines
  • [XPORTER-288] - Problem with Commercial and Trial Atlassian licenses dates on License Management
  • [XPORTER-291] - Customs fields with dots in name, and wiki render do not work good on Subtasks[0] and Links[0]
  • [XPORTER-292] - Problem while exporting issue type exclusive fields
  • [XPORTER-296] - There are some issue types that are not being listed on the IssueType assign screen (Xporter for JIRA Scheme -> Permissions)
  • [XPORTER-297] - Xporter Permission Scheme problem with Deleted Projects
  • [XPORTER-334] - Error exporting the selected issues - says invalid licence when licence is valid


  • [XPORTER-163] - Better export of Xray Test steps
  • [XPORTER-221] - As a user, I have a mapping that exports the name of the Filter that is being used
  • [XPORTER-255] - As a user, I can export the Xray Tests associated with a Test Set with a specific notation.
  • [XPORTER-265] - As a user, I can export the attachments of the issue as PDF file attachments.
  • [XPORTER-267] - As a User/Administrator I can see the exporter translated to German.
  • [XPORTER-278] - As a user, I have a mapping for the total number of issues being iterated in &{for issues}
  • [XPORTER-282] - As a User I can get the Translated value of the native Fields listed below
  • [XPORTER-293] - As a Administrator, I can define on the post function definition screen if I Xporter should or not to attach the generated report to the current issue.
  • [XPORTER-331] - As a user, I have a mapping for the number of Images attached to an issue


  • [XPORTER-233] - Adjust the error message sent when user don't has permissions to export issues
  • [XPORTER-260] - Navigation between Xporter Permission Schemes and Projects
  • [XPORTER-273] - As a user i have a function to format jira Number Fields
  • [XPORTER-330] - Change the mapping ${Username} to ${UserName}

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