Release Notes - Xporter for Jira - Version Release 3.3.2 - HTML format


  • [XPORTER-226] - The created Schemes aren't Alphabeticaly sorted in the list
  • [XPORTER-227] - When removing a marketplace license in the Xporter menu, you get a sucess message but the license is not removed
  • [XPORTER-272] - Problems with ${Images} command when it is the first line of the section
  • [XPORTER-275] - Problem with wiki markup {{xpto}}
  • [XPORTER-276] - While managing templates on Firefox, some file names and extensions don't appear on downloaded files
  • [XPORTER-280] - When the template name contains the *&* symbol, an error occurs
  • [XPORTER-283] - Problems with translated date picker fields and issue links
  • [XPORTER-284] - Format of date in DatePicker and DateTimePickerFields
  • [XPORTER-286] - The DateTime of a comment exported doesn't match with the user profile time zone.
  • [XPORTER-287] - Exported documents using a specific RTF template file doesn't keep the source format.
  • [XPORTER-302] - Problem adding a Atlassian license when a license granted by XpandIT is already installed and is invalid
  • [XPORTER-371] - The DateTime of a worklog exported doesn't match with the user profile time zone.
  • [XPORTER-393] - Improve the Xporter User Documentation

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